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Coming Events

13 Aug 2009
Posted by timecurve

Sonic Babylon's Sound Garden at the National Film and Sound Archive
opening at the Inner Courtyard of the NFSA in Canberra, with special guest
vocalist Robyn Archer performing live with the sounds of the garden.
The event is a part of the Sound Day 2009 activities.
Wednesday, 19 August 2009, 12:30 p.m.

Thanks to All

05 Aug 2009
Posted by timecurve

This is a quick thank you to everyone who made Wednesday night's opening of the South Bank Sound Garden in Brisbane a success. First to Nora Farrell, Deborah Bassett, and Scott Santulli who worked tirelessly all month turning artistic visions into technical realities. Next, to Bruce Williams and his team at Griffith University, plus David Bennett and his team at the Queensland Conservatorium, all of whom made the garden come to life, from the servers in the ether to the amplified sounds on the ground.

Coming Events

01 Aug 2009
Posted by timecurve

Sonic Babylon's South Bank/Brisbane Sound Garden
opening at the Red Note Cafe in the South Bank Parklands
with special guest percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson
performing live with the sounds of the garden. The cafe is
located on the ground level of the Queensland Conservatorium.
Wednesday, 5 August 2009, 6:00 p.m.

Remembering Merce

27 Jul 2009
Posted by timecurve

I've spent the morning thinking more about Merce Cunningham than about the meetings and photo shoots I've had to attend. Smiling for the camera was a lot harder than usual today. News seems to travel both faster and slower in Australia and I didn't hear about Merce's death until this morning. Quite a message to wake up to.

Dinner with Michael

24 Jul 2009
Posted by timecurve
Michael Nyman is in Brisbane with his band for a few days for a concert at the Queensland Music Festival, and last night Nora, Paul Draper, and I had dinner with him at Jellyfish. The last time Michael and I actually hung out together was at the New Music America Festival in Philadelphia in 1987.
Posted by timecurve
We've been back in Brisbane for a week now, safely ensconced in an apartment in West End, one we'll have access to, off and on, for the rest of our trip. It's been a week of securing Internet access, tackling server problems, and arranging schedules, as well as unpacking and spreading out in what feels like our own space.

Welcome to Cairns

08 Jul 2009
Posted by timecurve
We traveled to Cairns this past Monday, some thousand miles due north. It was a big change after two weeks at Linnaeus—a lot hotter for one thing; more active and intense for another. Our first sound garden opens Thursday afternoon and there's a lot to do in the intervening two days to get ready.


29 Jun 2009
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We're in the middle of a two-week hiatus at the Linnaeus Estate just south of Byron Bay. First here two years ago, we put it at the top of our “must return” list for 2009.
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When we arrived in Australia two years ago to create iOrpheus there were fewer options for telling people where we were and what we were doing. Email worked for personal friends and the blog at iOrpheus.com worked for everyone else. This trip, however, things have changed. There are a lot more options for spreading the word and many more reasons to take advantage of them. For this visit both Nora and I have Twitter accounts, as does Sonic Babylon, plus we're blogging on my website as well as at sonicbabylon.com.


23 Jun 2009
Posted by timecurve
Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation halfway between Hawaii and Australia, and the second least-populated independent country in the world (behind Vatican City). It isn't a place I've given much thought to in my life. For me, growing up in North Carolina, that part of the South Pacific was an abstract concept caught somewhere between a world war and a Broadway show; scary but glamorous, distant but beckoning, in essence, the picture postcard view.