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Back at the NFSA

16 Jun 2009
Posted by timecurve
Our meetings this week at the National Film and Sound Archive allow Nora and me the opportunity to reconnect with friends made during our previous visit two years ago, particularly Matthew Davies, the Senior Curator of Recorded Sound (pictured), and the point person for this year's Sound Garden.

Coming Events

12 Jun 2009
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Southern Harmony at the West End Festival in Glasgow
Hebrew Children, Turtle Dove, Holy Manna and War Department
with Cathures, Muldoon's Picnic, and Shapenote Scotland
Glasgow University Memorial Chapel, Gilmorehill Campus, Glasgow, Scotland
Wednesday, 16 June 2009, 7:30 p.m.

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The Magic of OZ

05 Jun 2009
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We've been in Brisbane for four days now. In many ways it feels like coming home. It's a place we love. Our first days remain a bit of a blur thanks to the 32-hour trip, but the rest have been filled with renewing acquaintances with old friends and walking the South Bank parklands marveling at the changes that have taken place in the two years we've been away. (Where did that mile-high ferris wheel come from? Look at what a difference a little rain made on the bougainvillea. And where, exactly, will the new ABC building fit?) As for meetings, it's been mostly tech talk.

Off to Australia

30 May 2009
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We're headed to Australia tomorrow. Three months, maybe more. As for luggage and equipment, we're only taking carry-ons. It's our third trip; we've about got it figured out. That plus miniaturization, of course. On our first trip in 2002 we took computers plus a hundred pounds of gear. On our second in 2005, our equipment was in a carry-on, maybe 20 pounds. This trip, beyond the computers, we may be carrying a pound of gear. The mbox2micro only weighs 1.2 ounces, after all. Everything else we'll need is in an online cloud, waiting for us to pull it down when we arrive. Next Tuesday!

Coming Events

17 May 2009
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The Time Curve Preludes, Book 1
Bruce Brubaker, piano
Duckworth/Glass CD Release Show
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker St., New York City
Monday, June 15, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Ground Cover

10 May 2009
Posted by timecurve

I've listened to over 2,500 sound samples in the last three days, most of them under a minute long. Everything from noises and street scenes to whispers and the flutter of butterfly wings. I'm looking for ground cover for the sound gardens, i.e., those short, elusive, sounds--natural and electronic, isolated words and phrases, snippets of song, etc.--that run in the background, creating the sonic ambience from which the gardens grow. So far, 67 have found their way to the playlist.

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30 Apr 2009
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The Time Curve Preludes, Nos. 19-23 / Camber
Choreography by Molissa Fenley
Danced by Li Chiao-Ping in Women Dancing at
The Wisconsin Union Theater, 800 Langdon St., Madison, WI
9 May 2009, 7:30 pm

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It's been a long time between homepages. As best Nora and I can figure, the site this site replaces—hopelessly retro for the past few years—was built a decade ago. It's a classic case of the cobbler's child going without shoes. While Cathedral and iOrpheus grew and flourished, my homepage receded into the shadows; static info in a changing world. But that all ends with this new site—a site full of interactive info about pieces, performances, and webworks, books and articles, audio and video, all in one place; even Twitter feeds and links to active projects. Plus, the site will continue to evolve—we're adding galleries and video performances next. But as of now, my new site is officially live; the retro site an archived memory. To say I'm pleased is quite an understatement. Thanks again, Nora, for this and everything else.

Coming Events

27 Mar 2009
Posted by timecurve

Hebrew Children from Southern Harmony
Westminster Schola Cantorum, James Jordon, conductor
Bristol Chapel, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ
18 April 2009, 8 pm