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the entrance

the entrance
the ribbon of sound
act3a_orpheus and eurydice
act 1 the gamelan
act 5 orpheus and eurydice
at the pagoda
act 1 at the pagoda
act 2
act 2 b&w
ribbon of sound on the rainforest green
act3 zen zen zo
act 3 eurydice
act 3 at the river
act 3 eurydice lost
ribbon of sound on the river
act 3 at the reflecting pool
act 3 zen zen zo at the river
act 3 zen zen zo crossing the river
act 3 a sprite in the water
act 3 the sprite emerges
act 3 zen zen zo leaving the water
ribbon of sound on the path
act 3 zen zen zo mob action
act 4 a sprite
act 4 orpheus at a distance
act 5 nymphs and sprites
act 5 orpheus
act 5 cband huib vanessa
act 5 cband warren nora tenzin tamara
act 5 cband right side
act 5 cband with zen zen zo
act 5 arthur with zen zen zo
act 5 zen zen zo
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iOrpheus is a public opera based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and performed on iPods, mobile phones, and laptops, along with interactive installations and live performers. Created for the streets, parks and promenades of the South Bank parklands in Brisbane, Australia, the premiere took place on Friday, August 31, 2007. The performance was documented by New Zealand film-maker Paul Davidson.

View Paul Davidson's Film, (10 min)
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