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DJ Tamara at Galapagos
PitchWeb 1998
William Barton & William Duckworth a ...
Cathedral Band at the Brisbane Power ...
PitchWeb 1998a
Cathedral's First Homepage, June 1997
The Cathedral Site Plan
Abel, Bill, and Blue at Galapagos, 2001
Bill and Blue at Galapagos
2001 48-Hour Webcast Composite
Multi-User PitchWeb with chat display
Cathedral Band Composite from the Wi ...
PitchWeb 2001
Multi-User PitchWeb
Catedral Band at the Powerhouse
Nora Farrell at the Brisbane Powerhouse
Duckworth's PitchWeb Setup at the Br ...
Tenzin and Bill at the Brisbane Powe ...
Cathedral Homepage, 2003
The Cathedral Band in Tokyo
Vincent, Nora, and Toshi in Tokyo
Tama Tokyo PitchWeb Band
PitchWeb Setup at TAMA Art University
Multi-User PitchWeb in Worldwide Wir ...
The Cathedral Band at La MaMa
Bill and Nora at La MaMa
Cathedral Homepage, 2006
Multi-User PitchWeb, 2004
Cathedral Band at the Winter Garden, NYC
Paris Treantafeles at The Hiro Lounge
PitchWeb Setup at the Hiro Lounge
Multi-User PitchWeb at the Hiro Lounge
Mobile Phone PitchWeb, 2007
Cathedral Logo

Cathedral is one of the first interactive works of music and art on the web. Online since 1997, it features a rich-media website, an Internet band, and virtual instruments that let listeners play along in community.

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